elicita Devlin is an Puerto Rican American transdisciplinary artist from Fort Lauderdale, FL, currently residing in Providence, RI. Their research reflects upon their personal consumption of digital culture and technology. As technology further intermeshes the internet into the physical realm, it has produced its own materiality into our culture.  This materiality is a portal for Caribbean queer expression. It displaces, decimates, extrudes the forms around them.  

In their practice, they utilize pattern and digital media to visualize Transness through creating these alternative forms, as a tool of survival. To recontextualize the transgender experience through the digital realm. By queering & hacking technology, they embrace formlessness as a way to affirm and expand the definition of the body as spiritual alternative to corporate platforms on the internet.

Their explorations challenge our traditional comprehension of the body while acknowledging the politics surrounding the Caribbean body are often oppressive & limiting. They unload the fluidity & formlessness of gender and identity through amplifying themes of the the unknown.

They received their B.F.A in Textiles Design from Rhode Island School of Design in June 2021.

Their work has been shown in South Korea, Colorado, South Florida, and in Rhode Island.